Install Wine Arch linux / Manjaro

We'll be using the Linux command line to update Manjaro and install the Wine packages. Get started by opening a terminal and using the following command to update Manjaro:

$ sudo pacman -Syu

You can install the latest stable version of Wine on Manjaro by entering the following command:

$ sudo pacman -S wine winetricks wine-mono wine_gecko

This will install four different packages. wine is obviously the main one, but the rest are also recommended. winetricks is used to automatically install dependencies that certain Windows programs may rely on, wine-mono is for applications that rely on .NET, and wine-gecko is for applications that rely on Internet Explorer. Installing those extra packages isn't necessary, but it may save you a headache later on.

If you prefer to install the development branch, which is a little more updated but not guaranteed to be stable, you install the wine-staging package in place of the wine package by using the command below:

$ sudo pacman -S wine-staging



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